[SOLVED] Help with timers

I’m trying to make a timer that would start exactly when the player is in collision with a hitbox, and when the timer reaches 2 seconds, it would change the scene. but when I play the game, it would change the scene regardless of the collision. I’ve tried 2 methods, one where it would start the timer exactly when the player touches the hitbox, and another where it would modify a variable and the game would test if the variable equals 1, and when it does, it would start the timer. But both methods ended up changing the scene regardless. am I doing something wrong??? here are the codes:

you have to reset and pause the timer, at the beginning of the scene.
Then unpause the timer on collusion.
if a condition ask for a timer, and that timer does not exist yet, it will create and start the timer automatically.


When the scene start, also the timer start. So manage it and begin of scene.I suggest also to add once on collision

welp this worked. Thanks so much!!