(solved) Hi-scores list, first 3 places

I want to make hi-scores (like in old arcades), first 3 (or more)
and if you have enough points to be able to write your name in the list
it’s not working :slight_smile:
points are written but writing your name doesn’t. it deletes what was written before but I can’t write my name
is there some tutorial for making a hi-scores list ?

but when I delete second action (change the scene variable…) then I can type, but I dont have a score .(becasue I disabled that). Its like its eather this or that.

Maybe add the other action to a sub event in the event

no, its not working. Am I doing evrything ok ?

It doesn’t work because of this:
The first time, the variable is changed.
The next times, the condition is not valid anymore.

ooooh :slight_smile:
I will try
but I think that that’s it