[Solved] Hiding the toolbar on a packaged game

Sorry if this obvious, but is there a way to hide the toolbar at the top of your game that shows: file, edit, view etc. from a packaged game?

The menu is visible only on the games exported with the b98.
b98 is a test build
There are a lot of change inside in the background.
This was a regression it is fixed for the next release.

is there a way to not publish a test build as public in the future?! leaving the opportunity for the users to choose whether they want to test or not? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

oh I understand, thanks!

Oh yeah if i knew I would’ve downloaded b97

Nothing forces you to use the latest version. Afaik on the website there is still only b97, and b98 is listed as pre release on GitHub. You can download any release from the GitHub.

yes. it forces me. I use an installed desktop version and it updated automatically. what are you call it then?! the auto updater notice this is a new public release, and it do its job. it isn’t ask I want or not. so I call this forces.

Well I mean you enabled the auto updates so if you didn’t want the updates to install automatically you shouldn’t have turned them on lol

dont say me turn off auto updater AFTER you publish a test build as a public release!!! the auto updater has to know wich updates for the public and wich for the testers (like before)! may be it shoud be a filter in the preferences menu with which I can turn off updating to the test builds. although this has not been the case so far.

and auto updater is recommended in the settings!

1.st like I said it is not a test release but a pre release meaning it is exactly like a release but there were many big changes/updates and therefore a regression is more probable.

2.nd a regression is always possible, not just in a pre release.

1.st I wasn’t the one who made a release,
2.nd there are no “testers” GDevelop is open source and not a company, there is no QA team
3.rd if you have a very professional game just don’t auto update and wait after each update to see if a bug/regression is in it before updating.

Yes as else people never think about updating themselves and never get fixes for such bugs. If your game is professional enough for you to really care about that, you should take care of chosing the version by yourself and updating when you think it is necessary and without risks. It is the same for every other engine.

you call it pre-relase I call it test build. It doesn’t matter how are we name it, because we are talking the same thing! a version, wich aren’t finished yet.
the testers who I mention is the community. at least, that part of the community who are want to test… belive or not I’ve seen something like this before.

I’m not a professional and my game neither. but I have to become a professional soon, otherwise I will have nothing to eat. so don’t play with the releases and don’t laugh at me!

Like I just said, I am not the one playing with releases even if I wanted to I couldn’t change or make any. I call it pre release for a reason: unlike what you said, this is not an unfinished version. It is a version like the other :wink: . It is just so huge that it is more probable that a bug is in it. Some bugs are just rare or hard to find and until it is in use (released) to the community they cannot found. With a bigger update comes a bigger chance of a bug appearing, so such releases are called pre release so that professional users like you can be dissuaded from using it for production. If you are professional you should chose carefully the version and stick to it if possible, and only upgrade to a version where you are sure bugs aren’t present (for example if none have been found for a month, but the exact criteria are of course up to you :slight_smile: )

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is there any more detailed information about the exact date? I finished my first game today and I would like to compile it as soon as possible. is it worth waiting for this? or should I mess up things with downgrading to previous version?

2 days ago 4ian said the next version would come out in the next week’s. You can also try to run the development version and export from it.

thank you!

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