[Solved] Highscore adding according to the coin accumulated

I have gotten the highscore stuff, but there is a problem, the amount of coins collected is not correctly added to the highscore page please I need your help on this.
Thank you

We cannot help you with such few context. Please explain what you did/tried throughly, what the problem exactly is and where. The best would be to show a screenshot of the faulty events.

Everything was fine, but the highscore page keeps accumulated coins collected greater than the first coin collected.
Value of scene variable= score> GlobalVariable (highscore)
Action= value of global variable
Variable = highscore (=set to) variable (score).
And when I changed the action of global variable to be (+add) the highscore didn’t add correctly.
So please what can I do ?

I am not sure I am understanding and a screenshot of the events would help, but why do you want to change from set to add?

Without seeing the events i think maybe you need to add Trigger Once in the event when you increment the score

When the action is on( set to) it set the highscore only to any score that is greater than the score.
So I changed it to( add to)but it only add to the highscore any score greater than the score you get why playing the game

So please what can I do for it to add whatever coins I accumulate in the game score ?

Thats the whole point of high score, aka record score.
If you dont want that, then why not just be happy with score?
what am i missing here?

Okay but won’t it look somehow when you only get your score added to the highscore when it is greater than the first score.
Won’t it look somehow ?
Please if then is something to be done about it tell me.

well, you could have something like a bestlist.
mean you have like your top 10 of high scores.
or just 2, the high score, and your current score.

i still dont understand what you want to archive, precicly

What I understand is that you want to maintain a best score.

If so, you should have the best score achieved in one GLOBAL variable, and preferably also keep the current score in another GLOBAL variable. Then, you evaluate if the current score is greater than the last best score achieved, and if that is the case, you make the last best score achieved equal to the current score.

@Slash @erdo
Okay let’s call want I want to achieve a general score.
Like now when you play games like subway surf what ever coins you get while playing the game is what will be put on your highscore page and when you play it again no matter how small the coins you get is, it is still being sum up with you former score in the highscore page.
So how do I achieve that ?

just do global var high score set to global var high score + var score?
If that does not work use a third one. Var total score set to var last score + current score. Then set var last score to var total score

I think (like ulises said) that you only need a trigger once condition in the event that adds the score to the high score

Then, ADD the current score value to the cumulative score value instead of making the cumulative score value equal to the current score value (as seen in the single, cropped image of your events that you have shown us so far).

And use GLOBAL variables to store your scores.

Okay @Slash
I will try that

The trigger once didn’t even let the score add to the highscore at all

Am using a web version :wink:
Please can you do an example of what you are trying to say .
Thank you.
Would appreciate that

Ok. Ehrmm… cool?

NO. It’s too simple to make an example project just to show how to properly use variables (that’s well explained in th wiki and the tutorials).

But if you show your events or share your project, I’ll take a look and tell you what is wrong with it.

That’s the file up there.
Sorry I couldn’t attach .