[SOLVED] Holding Objects

I want the player to hold an object, and in the code above, I can only hold the object if I continue to press the z key. Is there a way to press the key once and let the object be held till I want it to?

Use an instance boolean variable on the NewObject3, say called heldByPlayer. In your screensnip, in the action of the first event set this variable to true.

With the second event (the child one), unparent it by moving it to the left and add the condition to check if the heldByPlayer is true for the NewObject3

And I suggest you use better names - NewObject2 and NewObject3 are very non-descriptive, can lead to confusion and are open to typos.

Thanks a lot! This really helped!
PS. This is just a prototype game to check out mechanics, this isn’t my real project, Hence why the basic names.