[SOLVED] How can I fix the 93% preview issue?

I recently have a problem about preview, Everytime I tried playing the preview, It’ll freeze at 93%. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or what. But, i need help… :frowning:

Perhaps there is an inconsistent event. Take a look at the latest events that you have changed or created since you were last able to enter your game.

Have you tried to reinstalling the game? or update it to the latest version. Download it directly in the website because sometimes auto updates don’t work.

or maybe the problem is in your pc, try restarting it or junk cleaning it.

Hmm… i could try that.

Alright, I did get the latest version, & I restart my computer. But I could try reinstall the game, But How?


Alright, I did it. This it?

Go to the game settings menu and open the Resources tab. Make sure you have no red/yellow lines there.

Okay, Now it’s working! Thanks!