[Solved] How create a sliding puzzle

How to create a sliding puzzle like this example.

finally I got it.:joy:

Here I leave my final project of a sliding puzzle:

My problem is that I want to reduce my events.
I think there are many events for something that perhaps requires much less events.

Is it possible to achieve the same result with fewer events?

-project with few events and functional facilitated by the user Zutty

Any help I would appreciate.

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This is my project:


I check it in a moment. Thanks.

Excellent your project clarifies some things that are not explained in any tutorials I have seen.

As for example that you can give a position to a variable. I thought about it at some point but I had no idea if it could be executed or how.

I think a specialized tutorial with examples of expressions and those things that would help to reduce the number of events events is necessary. :thinking:

I will continue analyzing your puzzle to understand the mechanics of it.
Thanks for the help.:+1:

Thanks Hoar. Thereโ€™s a minor issue in this project that Iโ€™m trying to solve. If you click right between the two tiles the click move them both. I have no time at the moment but Iโ€™m sure I can find a way to fix it.

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