[Solved] How do I add a background mp3?

I tried adding background music for the first time, and it came out sounding really distorted, not even recognizable. I added a new event, but no condition, then clicked on action, audio, then add music. What should I put for the pitch and volume settings? Repeat or no? Any idea why it came out messed up?


                                                 Bill Carey

By having no conditions, you’re saying “start playing this music every frame”. This means the song file is being played over itself repeatedly. Try adding a trigger once as a condition and it should solve most of the issues.

I wouldn’t mess with the pitch settings, volume does exactly what it sounds like (Sets the volume of playback). Repeat is up to you, and decides whether the song restarts once it finishes.

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If the music starts at the very beginning of the scene, you can always use the condition “at the beginning of the scene” (which takes care of the trigger once issue). If you play it on a channel, you can control it (for example, pausing it when a power up is gained, or when a level is completed).

Thanks much everyone! Problem solved.

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