[Solved] How Do I Apply a Filter to the Whole Screen?

I was trying to apply a filter to the screen of my game. However, it only applies to the objects whenever I do it to a layer. I’ve tried applying the filter to the topmost layer, but the results are mostly the same. Is there any way for me to apply the filter to the whole viewport? Thanks in advance.

Hi, the layer effects only apply to the objects that are on a specific layer, it doesn’t matter whether the layer is above others or not.

There are two things you could do: either you apply the same effect to several layers or you put all objects that should get the effect on one layer. Layer effects can be heavy for the performance of your game so you have to see what works better for you.

That’s what I assumed too. I guess I’d have to experiment on applying to each layer and see how it performs. Thank you for the response. Have a good one!

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