[Solved] How do I center my screen on a layer?


I had a wingroup and losegroup to show when the player wins or loses, but that wans’t working, so I transitioned it to a layer. So now I have a win/lose layer that appears if a player wins or loses. However, the layer isn’t appearing at the center of the screen. I’ve tried ‘center to the game window’ and ‘center object to camera’ (when the layer was a group instead), as well as position object (when the layer was a group) to PlayerHitBox. None are working. How to position is so that it takes over the entire screen?


That game looks great!
If you reached this far, I’m sure you know how to position objects on the scene. :slight_smile:

The layers are centered by default.
I’m guessing you only posted an external events sheet, because I can’t see any camera action that would explain your offset.
I recommend you open a dummy scene, place a few objects on a couple of layers, and play with some camera actions to understand how layers and cameras work together.

On a side note, telling us what you tried and failed isn’t of much use unless you show us the related events, so we can tell you what was wrong with them.

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That was helpful, got it, thanks!