<solved> How do I change grass animation on collision, and back when not?

Hi everyone!

I’m stumped with this seemingly simple problem, so what I wanted to do is:

When player is in collision with SmallGrass
SmallGrass would change number of animation to 1

When player is no longer colliding with SmallGrass
SmallGrass would change number back to animation 0

This is what I did, but I have no idea why it wouldn’t work… Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, I cannot tell you what the problem is but I can confirm that your events should work. There must be something else in your events or setup that interferes with the animation-change. Is your player_body in the scene?

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Ahh thank you so much, I kept thinking it was the events problem. After what you said, I checked and realised there were two player_body instances on the scene. So while one was colliding, the other wasn’t. haha. I can rest now :smile:

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