[SOLVED?] How do I change text based on a variable?

I am trying to change a text amount but I cant even find actions to change text.

There is a action called modify the text

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How can I increase the text number along with the variable number? Or connect them.


Else you can select text object in modify text object action then in modification sight set it to “=” and in
Value section assign your varriable

How to make a classic Snake game|RTBRuhan - YouTube watch this tutorial from 15:00

I tried assigning the to the variable amount. So "= “Wood_amount”. But that just changes the text to “Wood_amount” Not the variables amount. Though I am guessing something else also needs to be added. Or did I just do it wrong?

Here’s a quick example which adds 1 to the text object for every displayed frame of the game. Try modifying this to your requirements.

I just watched the video and trying to figure it out based on that. My problem might be that my variable is and object variable.

I did it, thanks for the help guys.

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