[SOLVED] How do I contact billing support?

Not exactly game related, but engine related.

I signed up for a subscription and even though I got redirected to the “Thank you” page in my browser, and got charged for the amount, and have the email receipt, Gdevelop never actually upgraded my account in the program. So I’m stuck at using the Free tier instead of the first paid tier.

How can I contact someone to help me with this? Or if ya’ll can help, I’d appreciate it.

This is probably a question for @4ian, as I think he has control over the billing system.

Did you try to logout and login again into GD, I remember this happens to me too, so that’s what I did.
Just open GD if you are logged in just log out, close GD and open again go to View->developer tools navigate to Application the Clear Storage
This way you wipe out all the previous data from the preferences.

then login again with your account details
If this doesn’t work try to contact 4ian or bouh

Thank you @UlisesFreitas I tried what you suggested and it didn’t work, still shows me as being on the Free tier.

How can I contact 4ian or Bouh, that’s the issue. I don’t see anywhere that I can? Do I just tag them here?

Oh sorry to hear, just tag them like this @4ian or @Bouh can you please check this. It’s ok now you doesn’t need to tag them because I did, they will answer you asap.

Oh geez, thanks so much for tagging them, I wasn’t sure if that was like the… Right order of operations around here.

Weirdly enough, I stepped away from my computer for an hour or so, and the issue resolved itself? I don’t know why there was such a huge delay but now I’m seen as a subscriber. :slight_smile:

Yay to Gdevelop and the supportive community! Thank you guys!

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You can reach hello@gdevelop-app.com for billing support :cowboy_hat_face:

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