[Solved] How do i create a draw style western 2d shooter game

I want to create a timer whenever the sprites draw animation is playing. after the timer reaches 0.4 seconds the player dies .

This is what i have thusfar but i have no idea how to create the timer event properly . i have also created a text where whenever the text displays a number 6 the sprites draw animation starts,

Use a timer for it, something like this:

Thank you very much for your help , will try it now.

i tried but the game over screen still comes on when i click on the cowboy within time, the timer wont reset.https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12D4msN058P2DLWc6_64Tz07Ts4Ph-7d2?usp=sharing, Here is the project zip file

I’m not a big fan of forum members just giving up so fast, without even looking through their events to make sure they’re the same as the example. Please don’t make it a habit, or you’ll struggle being a programmer/game maker. And this isn’t a nasty or snarky comment - I’m just giving you some advice, because I (and probably all the experienced devs on this forum) have spent days struggling with a single bug at some point. It’s all part of programming life.

Anyway, your new events don’t work because the event with the check text is "6" condition is not a subevent of the one above it, like I have in my previous post. Fix that, and it will work.

Your events:

Should be:

works like a charm thank you