(SOLVED) How do I create an object away from character?

Hello everyone,
I am trying to make a top view shooter game but I have a problem. My player shoots toward an enemy and when bullet hits the enemy, enemy is destroyed and it appears at random position in the room. My problem is that sometimes the enemy appears on the player while player is moving and players health decrease. I want enemy to appears somewhere in the room where is away from my player. How can I do that without coding?

I tried to make it happen with RandomInRange codes but it doesn’t inclued all the blue area.

You want to create the enemy as a subevent of the bullet & enemy collide. Then, as a subevent of that, use a while loop to reposition the enemy if it’s in collision with the player. Like :

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Thank you so much, it works.
I edited it like this because I want an empty space around my player. If I make as collision the player doesn’t have time to escape.
But the main idea is the same as yours :blush: