[Solved] How do I create game character menu

I’m trying to create a menu game that select character but I don’t know where to start. I kinda start Gdev Last 3 weeks and I been watching Youtube and Reading the GDev Tutorials and nothing came up I just need help from you guys who have the experience.

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I’m working on a more complicated version of that where the player can actually customize the character. I would suggest looking at the character selection over in the examples.

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The example of character creating what GDevelop already has isnt what you want?

Go for: Create a new project > click on tab ‘exemples’ > write in the search field ‘character selection’ > click on this option

If you whant something more complex please tell us, I am new too but maybe I can help you.

Good lucky with your game!!!

Thanks. No this isn’t complex enough X3 Im trying to make it so the character gets to choose presets of the character or draw their own.

Thanks Man. I been having hard time searching in the internet THANKS ALOT