[Solved] How do i delete my save file (exported game)

Hello, i looked everywhere on the forum but i can find how can i delete my save file on exported game ?
I have tried to find on developer tools on chrome/mozilla & edge when my game is launched but nothing.
I have tried to find too on %appdata% but nothing again.
I have tried to delete some temp data from explorer but nothing again !! lol

I don’t know where to look anymore. Does anyone have a clue?
If anyone want to know i’m using the basic storage action/event
Thanks a lot.

If is exported as HTML5 game you can play on Chrome for instance, then go to Application and Storage and look for the name you give to your save data mine is game_data. Then right click and delete key. Restart your game and done.
Is a good practice to add a button inside your game to let the user to reset all game data.
like in this game
If the game is for playing into pc you need to add your own method inside the game to delete saved data.

In your game if it is a html5 game in a browser press F12, and do:

If you are on a game preview from GDevelop or in a desktop window, use the action Clear storage like recommend @UlisesFreitas.

@YmirBR If you think that there is missing informations that you did not find in the documentation tell us which we will add this missing content thanks to your feedback :)!

Thank you very much i will test it