[SOLVED] How do i do i affect direction to animation in GD5?

Hi All,
Here is what i try to do :slight_smile:image

I can’t find it in GD5 even if the importation of the GD4 project allowed it in GD5…

So … any idea ?

Thanks !

It seems the options disappeared so… I edited the Json file.

Even if the animation works as i want, I can’t see it in the animation editor…

Any idea ?

Thanks !

Hi Aurel,

In GD5, check under Sprite > Direction

This is the condition, the action is to “change direction”, but the form is the same.

Use the angle degrees to set the direction you want:

270 = Up, 90 = Down, 180 = Left, 0 = Right

And I believe you can enter any amount in between those for diagonal directions.

There’s a diagram that you can use here:


Or this, although it’s upside down next to the one in the wiki :upside_down_face:
Should still give an idea.


Although, if your game is designed to have 8 direction mode activated, you can just enter the 0 to 7. Sorry, I missed that, I’m used to using the degrees by angle.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I was not aware you could do that. Nice!

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Hi Phenomena,
Thank you for you help… Your answer will help for the part 2 of my problem.

But for now, the thing is that I need to define for an animation the eight directions. For instance here in a top down mouvement animation “walk” :

This was made in GD4 and then imported. I have access to all directions.

Here is the last animation I made in GD5 for the same sprite :

I want to define this animation for the 8 eight directions you explained to me.

For now I coded it directly in the json file of the project, but how to say… :sweat: It is long and asking for patience :triumph: cause making me sometime crazy :crazy_face:

I really thinks the options disappeared…

Thanks for your help and for diagram which I will print because I use a lot the directions !

See you soon, still digging :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :smile:

For part one of the problem, I would try something like this:

Sprite > Animations & Images > Current animation name

Sprite > Direction > Change direction

Good luck! :sparkles:

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Hi all,
thanks again Phenomena.

I finaly went on this site to edit de json. i made the changes from there, in order to create the directions in the animation.



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Hi Aurel222, i’m having the same problem too. How did you do? I haven’t experience with JSON:disappointed:

You can watch example Isometric, he have a good system, look the events and characters.
Events use angles for choose the right animation.