[Solved] How do I export to an .apk file instead of a .zip file (android Export)

I have had success before creating an android .apk file using the one-click export for android. But sometimes I get a .zip file with no .apk file. I need the .apk file to upload the game to the google play store. Can someone please help and let me know if they have ran into this issue before. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Sometimes I get the .apk sometimes I get the .zip file. I have updated my GDevelop to the most recent version (88) and that did not seem to help anything… I also paid $2 subscription so that I can have more export attempts per 24 hours. I was getting tired of waiting 24 hours just to get the same .zip file instead of .apk.

I know I can use github and phonegap to build the .apk but thats an extra few steps that usually end up not really working too well.

thanks for taking the time to read and I hope someone can help.

The Android build should always generate an .apk.
The Windows build generates a .zip file.
Can you share a screenshot of your ‘see all my builds’ window?

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this is the first screenshot I will upload some more in a second

see I get a .zip file no .apk

Cordova build is a .zip used for create your own .apk with Cordova.
If you wish directly an .apk use android export, first in list.

Did you have read the description for each export?
And if you need help you can click on help button on each window. (See your last screen you have a help button)

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I did click the first in the list though. That is the issue I am having. You can see in the first screenshot that I am packaging for android.

I have made .apk’s before like this. But every now and again it creates a .zip file and not an .apk. I havent had an .apk in a few days now.

I’ve started two builds with Android, i get the .apk correctly.
What is inside your .zip file ?

And if you rename game.zip by game.apk and try to install it on your phone ?
I suppose you browser (hello internet explorer) choose the extension type of the your file by default.

good idea I have not thought about doing that. Let me try and upload to the google developer console after changing the file extension.

well the .apk has uploaded to google play console. It looks like that has done the trick. : ) Thank you very much! It’s the little things in life!

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