(Solved) How do I fix this animation

How do I…

Get my player be hit by the slashes and lose the HP

What is the expected result

When the slashes collise with the Player, the slashes should be deleted and cause damage to the Player

What is the actual result

The slashes are not being deleted and nothing happens with my player

In your last condition
You have Player is NOT flashing
So if he is flashing when getting hit then whole delete action won’t work

Do you want the player to take damage from each slash? If so, remove the inverted blinking. Otherwise, you could split your conditions and make the not blinking a subevent.

if collision then delete NewSprite
---- if inverted flashing then reduce health and make player blink

thanks bro, i got i worked. Thanks alot!!!

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I got it worked, thanks alot bro!!! Really appreciate it!!!

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