[SOLVED] How do I flip the gun

How do I make the gun flip when the cursor goes to the left? the gun just goes upside downgun

If gun<= MouseX()
Flip the gun

Also, it doesn’t work as intended,
You also have to do:
If gun >= MouseX()
Change the angle to MouseX() and mouseY()
If gun <= MouseX()
Change the anlge to -MouseX() and -MouseY()

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what kind of condition and actions do I use?

Something like this:


You did it the wrong way
See the difference between what you did and my pic

wait ill fix it sorry

What am i doing wrong

I think you need to change the flip horizontally form yes to no and no to yes

Now I see this:
I think it was working just fine

I fixed it I looked at the shootalia template Ulises Freitas GDevelop - Shootalia - Top Down Shooter Template by Ulises Freitas

But thank you :heart:

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