[Solved] How do I get Tween and Doubleclick to cooperate?

When I have this:

The Tween works perfectly.

When I have this:

My Tween does not play.

Any ideas why?

Your double-clicked condition looks a little different to the one I just installed - do you have the latest version?

To check a few things:

  1. Does the OpenD note play?
  2. Is the tween behaviour on the ViolinFlashcardOpenD object?
  3. If you remove the double click condition, does the tween work?

BTW, you don’t need the & in the condition. If you have multiple conditions for an event, they all must be true before the actions are triggered. Cellos ftw :grin:

Tweens require trigger once, and do not work properly without them. You should probably move your tween action to the bottom sub-event.

Yes, the soundfile OpenD notes does play.

Yes, the Sprite ViolinFlashcardOpenD has the behavior Tween assigned to it.

Yes, removing the double click condition does all the Tween to work.

Thanks for the tip about not needing the “&” in there, anything to make this app cleaner and faster!

BTW, future plans will include Cello and Bass flashcards!

Thanks for looking at this for me! I tried moving the Tween action to a sub-event but it still doesn’t work. I will try changing the double click to trigger once and see it that solves the problem.

Alas, using a single touch didn’t bring back the Tween, either.

Actually, can you tell me where you’re getting that double-click condition?

That’s not the one from my double-click extension in the approved extension list, and doing a test works fine with mine:


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First of all, thank you so much for looking at this on a weekend!

2nd; I’m fairly sure that I downloaded the very first version of the doubleclick extension and, please forgive my ignorance here I am outside my field, I had no idea that there was an approved extension list. Where is it? (I can/will look, it’s just going to take me a while.)

3rd; I am so glad that there is a way that I can keep the lovely Tween for shrinking the flashcards, my play testing students love that!

The extension list is built into the engine.

Search for New Extensions [GDevelop wiki] Has info on how to access the list.

Thank you for the links! I have updated my DoubleClick and now it works nicely with the Tween. My students and I thank you!

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