[Solved] How do I input countdown timer?

How can I set a countdown timer for my game and also end the game when the time runs out. Please help.

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There are timer actions and conditions. See Timers [GDevelop wiki]

You can find an example here at the bottom:


Hopefully this will help a little bit:

At the beginning of each scene, I start a scene timer called “Time”. I also have a variable called “Time” that you can set to whatever you want the timer to start at.

Then, there’s a condition that every time the timer gets to 1 second, an action subtracts 1 from the variable. To display the timer on the screen, I have a text object with the following action:

As seen above, another condition of when the variable gets to 0, then it sets off a whole bunch of actions to end the scene/game (the player dies, sounds, “game over” text appears, whatever you want).

Hope that’s enough to get you started!

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This should help