[SOLVED] How do i jump 2 Enemies in a row?

How do i make my character jump on a second enemy and not fall through

I want the character to jump on the first enemy ( get + score ), bounce off and when landing on the second enemy ( right next to the first enemy ) it should bounce again ( get + score ) and not fall through

Total Beginner; i looked in the Events sheet but it seems time related ( couldn’t figure it out ) :confused:


2d jump and run cat game

Here is the browser game version to illustrate the problem:

bounce enemies problem 2d cat browser game



You need the “For each Object” Event ( upper right Corner + )

then you create a sub event and put all the same stuff

Please show us the relevant events.
Maybe you remove the platform behavior for both enemies at the first collision.

i used the template / layout ( PLATFORM ( like mario ) ) that came with the desktop app of gdevelop ( just changed the hero character sprite and deleted the background )

i want to only edit this template a little to not mess up the code :confused:

I don’t know how to upload the project file :confused:

Here is browser game version to illustrate problem:

bounce enemies problem 2d cat browser game


Ah okay it’s the new platformer example.
Full of extensions, not really good for beginners to learn GD and hard to understand what exactly is happening🙃
But I think someone else can help you and fix the template so that we can jump on two enemies in a row.