[SOLVED]How Do I Make A 2D Game Using Source Code Only?


New to GDevelop 5.
Would it be possible to make an entire 2D game using source code only?
I think I saw somewhere that GDevelop 5 supports JavaScript?

Any ideas on how to proceed?
I am a source code writing programmer so would like to use code and not the IDE GUI.
Let me know, thanks!


I’ve seen people who feel the way you do. I’m not sure what their experiences are. I use Javascript from time to time because there are some things that are easier to do in Javascript.

These might help


Yes, every condition action and expression has a javascript version, you can just read all this list and the rest is up to you gdjs | GDevelop JavaScript game engine


Good stuff.
One last question: Can I use an external editor for the JavaScript?
I am on Linux Mint and would like to use Microsoft Visual Studio Code.
Let me know, thanks!


Do the coding at visual studio then just copy and paste it to GDevelop.

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