(Solved) How do I make a character play a balancing animation?

I couldn’t figure out how do I make my character (player) play a balancing animation when it’s standing on the edge of the platform, Like it does in Sonic games & in Super Smash Bros Games? I tried using the grab platform ledges thing, But It couldn’t do it right. How can I do that.

Here are some of my characters collision marks & points for some better understanding.

Hi, firstly it’s strange that you are using a different collision box for the character when they’re balancing off a ledge, because that might cause them to fall off later. Consider making it use the same one as standing.

Anyway, I think you can achieve it by the position of the player and the width of the platform.
Add a condition to check if the character is on / colliding with platforms & standing (not moving, in air, etc).
Add another condition to check if the character’s X position is less than the platform’s X positon - (player’s width / 2) OR* more than (platform’s X position + platform’s width - (player’s width / 2)).
Use the blue sigma Σ button to help you.
Good luck!

*as in, OR condition in GDevelop

Okay I figure it out, It works good when the player is facing left.

But now I need to think how am I gonna do the same thing when the player is on the edge & is facing right. I’m also using the TiledSprite is a test platform. Any more things I need to do?

ah, sorry! I made a mistake on the second condition.
It should be:

player X position more than TiledSprite X position + TiledSprite width - (player width
/ 2)
Note the minus sign.
Hope it works.

For facing right animation, if you are using different animation, there might be a condition to check which way thecharacter is facing in the Platformer behaviour. Not sure what it’s called

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It worked, It still need some improvements. But at least it works just the way I wanted. Thank you. :smiley:

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