[SOLVED]How do i make a turn animation?

I didn’t want my character to just raw flip, so i decided to add a turn animation, but i can’t figure it out what to do. Is there a way to add this?

Hi, instead of the ‘flip the object horizontally’ action you choose ‘change the animation’ and set it to the number of your turn animation.

well, that didn’t work, so here is a image of the movement, it might help know what to do

Could you please explain more what exactly did not work? You wrote you have a turn animation but it is not used anywhere. Did you try to set the turn animation instead of flip horizontally?

well yeah, the problem is the animation of walk don’t change with the button press, but when tha character is moving, so in basics, the turn animation dosen’t play

If you solved the problem, could you provide the solution? It’s for people who find the thread due to a similar problem.

i didn’t put the turn animation, i just putted a 3d flip extension and i was satified with the result

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