[SOLVED] How do i make a unlockable menu?

Hello i would like to know how to make unlockable cosmetics like particles, i know how to make the particles and costumes but i dont know how to make a working shop and changing menu. I have an ingame currency. Sorry for my bad english and, please help me if you can.

Check if a variable is equal to or greater than(=>) a certain value, and if the buy button is pressed, then buy the particles/outfits

The event should be like this:

Buy event:

Variable “Money” => 50
Touch is on buy
Mouse or touch button LEFT pressed
Trigger once

Change the value of Variable “Money” minus(-) 50
Change variable “HatBought” TRUE

Hat event:

Variable Hat is TRUE

Change animation of Hat = 1(the value of the character with the hat or any cosmetics)

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Thank you very much for helping me, worked perfectctly for me.