[Solved] How do I make an enemy rotate depending on an angle amount each time a variable is called?

Hey, it’s me again…

I need help with rotating an enemy by an angle depending on which amount my global variable is randomized to.
Here’s what its looks like in theory:

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. The object just rotates straight to 270(deg) and then ignores the other events.
I’ve tried doing timers and/or Trigger once true events, but for some reason, it just won’t work for me.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Let’s take an example. Let Angle be 50.

Now, your first condition is true since 50<=270
Your second condition is also true since 50<=90
Your third condition is also true since 50<=180

To fix this, you can add a minimum and maximum range for each event.
Like for example, in the the first event, add another condition:

Global variable Angle is >180

So now, the first action executes only if 180<Angle<=270 that is from 181 to 270 :smiley:

So rephrasing the events may fix this problem, I think…

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It works! Thanks :slight_smile: