[SOLVED]How do I make an object fire bullets in a linear path?

So here’s what I’m trying to do, I’m trying to make invisible objects in a room start shooting a linear path when the boss HP goes down to a certain point.
as you can see here the boxes with the arrows represent the spawning point for the enemy bullets the left will spawn projectiles from the left and the right one does exactly that.

This is the code that I tried to do but the projectiles spawn somewhere else and I don’t know what could I put in here to make the bullets travel in a straight line.

the first line has 2 PointX(…) and the 2nd has 2 PointY(…). It needs to be … PointX(…) , … PointY(…) on each line. You need an X and Y

As for direction. Your events would work if the right arrow’s animation pointed to the right and the object was rotated toward 180. Right now, I’m assuming both objects have a rotation of zero.


Oh thanks alot! that solved my issue with the directions

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