(SOLVED) How do I make shooting animation play fully when conflicting event makes animation reset to 0 when player is not moving

I have it set up where when “PLAYER has just fired” the animation plays but it only plays for a split second. how do i make it play the full animation properly? how do i convert the short input into a long output

Try making your animation longer

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it cancels the animation when the condition is no longer met which is after like 0.1 seconds

Change the animation when Player is pressing the fire button and Player is firing

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The fire button (Left Mouse) can be held which isn’t what i want. I want the gun to be semi-auto so you have to be click every time to fire.

Add trigger once with that

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Thanks, but the animation still only plays for a split second and can now be played when there is no bullet coming out of the gun

You may be changing the animation somewhere. Can you show all your events?

You might be doing something wrong here too.

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I have created a new scene with only the gun events and it works there so I just need to find the conflicting event which resets the animation back to 0

Yeah. And after that, try changing your animation to shoot from Has Just Fired before doing it from

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I solved the problem by setting it so the animation can only be reset to 0 if the current animation is not the gun animation which will reset once finished. Thanks for your help