[Solved] How do I prevent sprites from becoming blurry?

Is there a way to prevent sprites from becoming blurry when I resize them? Also one more question, what is the best platform to publish my game to? (Platforms like Itch.io for example).

When you draw
or when buying sprites, if you design them large and show them small in the game, small roughness will not appear.

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What do you mean by “best”? I like itch.io.

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I mean platforms other than Itch.io. It probably is the best but are there any other platforms similair to it?

There’s gamejolt and kongregate, for instance.

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I’m using piskel that’s built-in in GDevelop. I’m making sprite in 32x32 size then I resize it to 64x64 before I save it because 32x32 is too small. Then I go to resources then I uncheck the “smooth the image” to the sprites to remove blurriness. That’s what I’m doing and it works perfectly fine.


Although, when resizing something to a larger resolution, sometimes there will be a odd line of pixels extra.

Lets say you make a star 32x32. After resizing to 64x64 there some of the stars edges might be thicker than it use to be.

So if you want precision in your designs. I suggest you draw from a big resolution and downscale. If you don’t mind it, the its okay.

Ps. Just remember that if you downgrade a resolution and then up it again, this could also happen, because it doesn’t use the original design, but rather rescales from the current.

Correct me If Im wrong.

Oh and I wasn’t pointing this to at you FutureGameDeveloper
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