[Solved] How Do I Properly Add A Thumbnail

I just made my first game, and I tried to upload it to Gd.games. That part went well, but it has no thumbnail and no clear instructions on how to upload one.

It says this, but I cannot find the game settings menu and I already have icons uploaded for the game. If someone could show me how to get it to recognize the icons that are already in the project that would be much appreciated.
Here is the game for anyone interested.

Hi BeastHunter!
The way to add a thumbnail is to hit the menu button, then select icons and thumbnail.
Select your file, and voila!

Hope this helps!

Thank you. I’ve done that, and it says to make a new build of the game. Can you assist with that?

as far as I know, all you need to do is publish it again, like you did the first time, when i update a game(in any way, including adding thumbnails) i do that, and it works very well.

Do I re-generate the link? That’s the only option I see.

Yes, sorry I should have provided a little more explanation, and once that is done press “verify and publish to gd,games” and then press save(or make edits first)

Okay. Sorry I’m being a complete idiot here, but does this work if I’ve already uploaded the game to Gd.games?

No Problem!
It should work perfectly fine, even if you change the link text, it’ll replace the existing game with the updated version(and, i even think{but im not sure], its reversible{maybe}).

Thanks, I’ll try that as soon as I can.

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Thank you very much! The new build works and it has a thumbnail now.