[SOLVED] - How do I resume the walking sound effect without it making distorted static noises?

So… I wanted to add the resume the walking sound effect (sound channel: 7) action after when the player stopped sprinting and finishes the sprinting sound effect (sound channel: 10).

However during my first playtest of the game that I was making, even when I’m not pressing the LSHIFT key or just standing still.
The walking sound started to make a quiet distorted static sound that was overlapping the original walking sound effect even when the player sprite is being moved or isn’t moving / idle.

And I was just wondering if there were any helpful tips to prevent this from happening again and to let the walking sound effect play normally when the player finishes pressing the LSHIFT key?

How to resume walking sound effect normally after when the player finishes pressing the LSHIFT key (sprinting) without it making distorted sounds?

When you press L-Shift, you pause the sound on channel 7. But you don’t appear to resume it. Instead, the sound is played on channel 7 when ‘W’ is pressed. repeatedly pausing and playing the sound may be causing the issue.

I think you’ll need to modify the ‘W’ key pressed event by adding 2 subevents. One that checks if the sound has been paused with an action to resume the sound. The second subevent checks if a sound is not playing, with the action to play the sound.

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Wouldn’t mind to send me an image example of this code please?

Did you try putting “Trigger Once” on all the Inverse key presses?

W key is not pressed
Trigger Once

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Ayy! It finally worked!

Thanks for the help. :smile: