(SOLVED) How do I rotate an object like a bell

I want the object to rotate back and forth, like ringing a bell.

I was trying to clamp the rotation but it wouldn’t work, and I tried tweening the angle of the object, but nothing’s working.

I’m away from my computer so no screenshots, sorry

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I made this for bobbing but i guess could be ringing bell as well

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A simple continuous swinging motion can be created with time or any number that keeps increasing. In this case I used TimeFromStart()
This would rotate an object +/- 30 degrees.

Set object angle to cos(TimeFromStart() *3) * 30

With help from ChatGPT (after several tries)
This creates a tweening like effect with it slowing at each end.

Set object angle to Amplitude * sin(TimeFromStart()*3 ) * exp(-Damping * abs(sin(TimeFromStart()* 3 )))

In my test
Damping = .5
Amplitude = 30

The speed can be adjusted by changing the number the time is multipled by. In this example it’s 3

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Thanks guys, I’ll try both of these in a bit!

That works great, wow. Thanks so much Keith!

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