Solved: How do I start moving on a grid? (should be top-down)

I’d like to create a game using a grid, such as pacman or gauntlet. But from the tutorials I would not know which one to choose for getting started.

So how could I start creating a level map? How to load/display it? If the level is bigger than the screen, how would the scrolling work? Which mechanisms in GDevelop would be worth investigating in these scenarios? Or is it all just ‘Platformer’?

I guess this extension could be useful. Take a look at the 2nd example.

Ok well neither seem to be grid based movement. Pacman is like a sprite with topdownmovement behavior added to him, with diagonals disabled and then put on a rectangle area with portions blocked off with obstacle walls to give him little channels to move. And then guantlet is just roaming around with topdownmovement behavior too, I think diagonals allowed there. Anyway you will need to look at this:
Behaviors and Functions (Extensions) - Intro Tutorial - GDevelop - YouTube, this
Create Random Level Design For Your Video Game - With GDevelop - YouTube, this
Easy RNG That Has A Big Effect In Your Game - With GDevelop - YouTube, this
How to Create a Health Bar and Health Potion in GDevelop ( Free 2D Game Engine ) - Tutorial - YouTube (mainly for the blinking extension thing it will give you ideas for your game), this,
Gdevelop pacman tutorial - YouTube. And just basically go to youtube and put “gdevelop top down” in the search bar and there’s so many I can’t even list them all here.
Now as for nice examples you need to go to gdevelop and open it and go to learn, then examples and you need to look for this in the search bar:
“Shootalia” - good fun! And probably a solid example for you to move around on big maps. And fun to preview!
“Top down adventure camera” also another clever way to move around in the large maps
“Titan souls demo” might be useful to you, especially if you hate left handed people and want to learn a good way to set the controls to make your game impossible or at least extremely annoying for them to play.

Probably a lot more, I haven’t been through all the examples but anyway these will get you started.
Oh also you need to look into the health points and damage extension, basically look at all the extensions you will find a lot useful to your chosen game.


This example could be interesting too. It’s a Bomberman-like.


So I was searching for the wrong keywords.
Yes, the example lead to what I had in mind. Will go through them now. :slight_smile: