[Solved] How do I stop camera movement?

I’m trying to move my camera from left to right with the left and right keys, it works but it doesn’t have a boundry so it could just go on forever. I tried using “Stop the object” but if it activates, it can’t deactivate. ?How could I solve this

You can use the Enforce Camera Boundaries action.

The first 2 numbers are your top left co-ordinate, the latter 2 are the bottom right co-ordinate.

If you want the boundaries to always be active, then use no conditions like in the example. Else, just use any conditions you’d like.

Hope that helps!


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If you’re trying to move the camera by centering it on an object, try this action:


Same principle, just choose the object and then the boundaries you’d like to enforce.

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It works now! Thanks