[SOLVED] How do I stop Player from climbing wall?

Hello, I am currently at the moment creating my first ever game! and I’d love to continue doing so but unfortunately. I’ve hit a wall in terms of progress and would like to seek help for it. I don’t know how but ledge grabbing is disabled for both the player and the platform/wall yet somehow the player can still climb a wall by holding down space and left or right. I have tried all solutions presented(or lack thereof) and still, I am stuck trying to solve this issue. hopefully someone has a solution to the problem. thanks in advance! bbProblem

hopefully you know the source to the problem

Hopefully, you’re not going to tag the devs every time you cannot figure out something… :wink:
And please update the thread when your problem is solved, so that everyone knows what the solution is.

Solution: don’t add force if you already have platformer behavior

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