[Solved] How do I update my subscription payment data?

I was a GD supporter a time ago.

Now I want to continue supporting GD, but my current payment data is old and not valid anymore, so I looked to renew my subscription but can’t find a way to do it.

When I tried to do this, I realized that logging into my old account automatically brings the features of my old subscription (even when my payment is not being charged).

I want to update my payment data to properly support GD (but I don’t want to create a new account or use other e-mail to login). How can I do that?

This is the first time for this issue.
The payement service used is Stripe.
Maybe you can do something on their website?

Or @4ian can do something.

Already tried. I can’t access stripe.com with my GD subscription credentials, so it’s not a consolidated account.

Thanks for asking :slight_smile: Can you open your account in GDevelop and cancel your subscription? After doing so, you can then again subscribe to indie/pro plan and you’ll get asked for your payment data by Stripe.

Nice. Thank you. I’ll do that.

I repeatedly receive this message:

Already tried to log off and log in several times.

Seems like your account was in a weird state, can you retry? :slight_smile:

Done! Now it works. Thanks.