[Solved] How do make this?

Does anyone know how to make a mechanism where only when a Box is colliding with Button(the gameplay ones), the Gate or Door, or whatever you call it moves, or else, it will stop moving?

I tried doing this:

But don’t know why it doesn’t work. Does anyone have a fix for this problem?

A better approach is to add two tween to the door one to open other for close.

Or even instead of tweens do 3 animations one for door closed, one for door opening, one for door closing.

That is what I do in this game to open doors with animations, well in this case the player collides with the door and the puzzle isn’t solved the door won’t open, and when the puzzle is solved and the player collides with the door the is set to can_be_opened = true


Thanks, but this isn’t what I want. I want the door to get stuck where it is.

It is weird. I tried the same code you are using and the door pauses the lift as soon as the box isn’t touching the button.

Now, that’s weird. Is it a bug? Should I report it? Anyone, higherups @Silver-Streak or @arthuro555 or @Bouh or anyone here who can help cause its very urgent

Can you show me that because I still don’t believe it yet :grin::grin::grin:

I don’t use tween, but…
Try removing “trigger once” in the 4th event to Pause the tween?
Or put the 4th event into sub events. Then, use “indicator events” for each event to tell you which part of the event was not working. Like changing background color

I tried doing all that but didn’t work out.

I tried to use this indicator event:

But this wasn’t playing:

So I guess, this is the problem:

The invert condition of tween exist, don’t work.

And also, in this thing:

This doesn’t gets checked:

I think I solved it. I actually had 2 instances of boxes. And maybe that was the problem.
Then I chose the Box nearest to my BigButton and things got solved