[Solved]How i do to The center object and external object rotate at same speed

Hello I’m doing and game in 3d 3° person with Gdevelop Pandako extension, I find en easy way, with the extension extended math to avoid some bugs, I do the camera rotate over the player, but the camera angular speed is much faster than the player in center angular speed, and some effects will be easiest to do with both at the same angular speed, any ideas, sorry my English.

Captura de tela_2023-01-21_21-26-57
WithThreeJS Extension for GDevelop by PANDAKO
Youtube video

Never tried this extension, but I notice you didn’t limit the camera rotation speed.
Maybe it would help.

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I think that i find the solution when i’m trying to explain properly the problem,

The question, was when I rotate the central object the external object should move the same angle in a major distance because I’m converting the polar coordinate to Cartesian, this work for me in the paper, but i still not know the reason in Gdevelop the angular movements was different so i’m trying to explain it take a screenshot from move the center object just 1 degree, so its the solution i just need to divide the angle by a number close to it and reset the object to 0 degrees when it comes to 360 or - 360. Thank you, I would never think that without your help

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If it was 90 degrees, or 180, or even 60 I would understand, but 57.2957795130 this have no sense.

Hi Miguel, your problem is interesting and it seems you’ve found a solution which is great. I noticed that your 57.29577… is the equivalent of 180°/π or 1 radian so that may help it to make more sense.


Right there, this is it, I would never remember this to thank you.

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