[Solved] How make a correct sprite animation?

I downloaded sprites for an among us character, and everything looks ok. However, in preview mode, the sprite shadow moves up and down instead of the player. Here is a gif of the issue! Preview%20of%20Project%202020-11-13%2018-45-19

thats not a bug, but the way the sprites are setup. just reposition the sprite with piskel in a way that the shadow is in the same place.

Or you can change the origin point, but i didn’t recommend todo that, like Slash said better rework your sprite.

in piskel the sprites appear to play how I want them too, with the head of the players moving up and down, and the shadow staying still

how would I change the origin point?

i find that hard to believe.
all sprites are the same size?

then move the origin point in the middle of the shadow, probably frame by frame

on the offchance that your sprites are actually aligned, you can turn share points on.
you can switch the animation frames and look, if the red dot is always in the middle of the shadow.

I went through some of the frames and confirmed:

1: all sprites are the same size

2: the middle of the shadow stays in the same place in all the sprites

I even tried all your methods, but the problem persists.

do you run any events that change positions?
because when the origin point in all your frames is in the middle of the shadow, it is impossible to have it bounce the wrong way, unless you have some weird events going on.

I do not have any events in my project yet.

then try the ultimate IT solution.
turn it off and on again. restart GD see if the problem persists.
if so upload your project.

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The problem started yesterday, and I re-opened it today. So I will upload it to itch.io.

Here is the link:

The password for it is 489563290247

The only events I added is a link to the piskel sprite

Sorry, here is the link


the password is the same

Is it me or is there no project to download?

I made it a browser game, would it be better if I made it a downloadable one? Or does it not show you a run game option?

Here is an image of the sprites if that helps


Yes. Run the game option. But that way I cannot check anything.

Your sprite have not the same size, and the shadow up and down in your sprite animation.
Take a look on sprites in the folder!
Not a bug moved in Help section.

I looked at the sprites in the folder I downloaded them, and it appears that both the player and the shadow are moving. I am still confident this is a bug (because in-game only the shadow is moving), but I will have to find new sprites.

Sprites are not correctly done.

how do I go about fixing this? Is it possible?