[Solved] How make things follow the camera

How do i make a thing follow the camera? I dont mean like “Make the camera center on the objects” . Like i got the thing for speed (that counts your speed) and i want it to follow the camera (It can’t move).

We have many tutorials and examples to help you.
Open the platformer example and see the Score text.
If you don’t understand how it works, there’s a tutorial for that example.

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The isn’t any tutorials

put your UI elements in the UI layer. if it isn’t exists, just create one. thats it. when you move the camera, usually move only one camera, in a given layer. so other layers doesn’t affected.

wich part isn’t clear enough?

Yes, there is. Open GDevelop, choose Create, choose Tutorials, and choose the first option.

You can open actions and read the action, one of them are for change position of camera.