(SOLVED) How to add a 180 degrees panoramic effect to my game?

I know someone has asked this before, but their wording wasn’t great (no offence) and caused somewhat irrelevant replies (again, no offence) due to a misunderstanding.

I want a effect that would turn a pre-rendered 180 degrees panoramic image into a pseudo-3d game where you can look around.

I don’t want to make a VR game, or anything like that.

Is there a panoramic filter out there, and if there is, can you tell me where I can find it? If not, can you tell me how I would make my own panoramic effect?

No, there is not a panoramic effect in the engine. However, with the displacement filter layer effect, you can use that plus a panoramic displacement map.

Another user created a panoramic displacement map and shared it at the bottom of this thread. You will need to research using the displacement map filter on the wiki for more details after you’ve downloaded the map file: Fake 3D Cylinder Shader (Like the one seen in FNAF) - #11 by Silver-Streak

I have actually used this image before, but have never thought about using it for panorama pictures.

The image provided has weird deforming issues on the left and right, and I resized the image to fit my game resolution (I have the game resolution resize mode set to “No changes to the game size”), so it can’t be the image’s resolution.

I have tried remaking the image myself and fixing the problems with it, but the graphics software I use has this weird brightness bias when blurring the image, making it so that the image gets drowned in the colour white whenever I use the blur filter.

Edit: I cropped the side of the image and that fixed the problem.