[Solved] How to add a simple password-mechanic?

Hey there

I wanna add a very simple password-meachnic to my platformer-game. In one of my levels the play can find a hidden textbox which says: “bonus”

In the menu-screen the player has the option to enter the password (via keyboard) to reach a new level. In my case its “wert” (to reach a bonus level)

I make an action to put in some letters via keyboard: Change the text to “entrytext”: set to “Passwort:”+Entry.String()

then I make a condition: If the "text of “entrytext” = “wert” … the the action "change scene to “bonus world” should start.

But it doesnt work. Can you help me out what I have understand wrong?

I add some Pic of my condition and action (its in German):


Hi, your condition uses the text object called “Entrytext”.
According to the action on top, it can be equal to “Password:wert”, but never to “wert”

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Hey Bluzima

Thanks so much for your help. Now it works.

Have a wonderful day

best, Rimbaud

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