[SOLVED]How to address child by index which inside array which is inside another array which is inside structure array which is inside anothe array

The fact you see there NewText as well text means it is exactly the one which should display text

But lets see

Guess they both are correct ones

Man i dont know i give up i mean it works for me maybe its a bug

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Nah i bet it is just 1 letter i got wrong
That is why it works for you and not for me
But having dyslexia does not help find it

OK thx for your help
I just checked on different scene and it works perfectly fine
IDK why it does not work on this scene and well i go find out

Thx again

WAIT I THINKI FIGURED IT OUT are you using Bit text Because it doesnt workj on them HOW DID I NOT NOTICE IT BEFORE

You mean same bitmap text that works perfectly fine on different scene?

i quit!!!i hate this man

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You see you are lucky
I need to figure out wtf is wrong
Thx for help again

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See i was more stupid than you
Look at these two bastords

Lesson for today
If something works for you but not for someone else
Ask him to try it on new scene
If it works and most likely it will
Then tell them to disable all events and enable them 1 by one in old scene to find cause of the problem

Again THX for helping

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Bastards indeed##they ate my brain almost

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