[SOLVED]How to address child by index which inside array which is inside another array which is inside structure array which is inside anothe array

So i have global variable called Save which is structure
inside of it array called Slot
And now i would wish to be able to display child variables of each child inside of it by child index
For example

Here it would be ToString(GlobalVariable(Save.Slot.2[1]))
IF i want to display what Town child have inside?
Of course it does not work cause i am doing something wrong

But that is 1st question
2nd question how to display Save.Slot and here something by child index?
For example at index 0 i have number var 1
And at index 1 i have number var 44

How to display that?

I am confused. How can town have a child? It is a string.

I mean town is a child
I want to display its value by index of it
Isn’t that what i wrote?

So i tried to copy your variable so here you go

And i have the answer to your question 2 while im still working on question 1

Here child count means that how many childs it has and the 1 is the array,s child.Im sure you get it

Can you please explain a bit more sorry my english is not too good maybe draw lines under the variables like you just did to help me explain,Are you trying to say that how to show value of array,s child,s child which is townor how to show that in which array,s child onl which are the 0,1,2,3,e.t.c.

What you wrote returns 0 for me

So look at this

I need to know expressions to print these 3 child’s to text object to see their values
I know i will need 3 different expressions
BUT i want to do them by their index number

I know last thing i need to input is actual index number or sceen variable
So like ToString(GlobalVariable(Save.Slot[1]) to get variable i marked as 1

Well i know it is wrong since it displays 0 for me
BUT that my general idea how ti should look like
Where i have totally no idea how to display what i marked as 2 and as 3

In my photo in my X text i have lterally showed how to show the 2 one which you underlined

Wait sorry i accidently cropped my photo my Orignal photo had an event like this on top

So what i am doing wrong that it displays 0 in upper right?

And what you have in X makes my my text display nothing at all

Im confused now do you want to display slot 1 or 2.Because in picture one you underlined slot 1 and now you underlined slot 2??

I want to display values of what i underline

These are 3 different things
And will require 3 different expressions

I want know how to print to text object each of these variable

IDK what else is here to explain?

OH MY GOSH i just realised we are both stupid This is the correct code i just realised

Look it shows 44

You just have to replace example with save and paste the rest

I believe i am more stupid
I bet i am making some simple mistake

Yes you are why the hell do you have that condition delete it man

This play no role there

It is instance variable that tells to which text object print text

But lets check does it affect anything

Guess not

Make sure the 0 really is text and not some other text

I do not get what you mean?

The text you are changing really is the text you change