[Solved] How to be included into GDevelop contributors?

Hi mates I was wandering what I have to do to be included as a contributor here

I just want to know if there is some form to fill or just have to say what I want to be displayed like my name and link if that the case just add Ulises Freitas (Crimson Games IO) and a link to all my GDevelop templates and tutorials in here

Ulises Freitas (Crimson Games IO) https://ulisesfreitas.itch.io/

There is nothing to do, a GDevelop developer will add you to the list if they notice you have made good contributions.

Also, there is no need to ask since you have been added to that list already :wink:

But one thing the url is not correct I’m not helper Wesley(https://helperwesley.itch.io/) this is the correct url https://ulisesfreitas.itch.io/
name: ‘UlisesFreitas’,
‘Numerous examples and making external services that integrate with GDevelop games’,
link: ‘https://helperwesley.itch.io/’,

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I also realised that your url is wrong.

Ok so I’ve created a PR here

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Whoops :sweat_smile: I could have sworn I had put your games igniter website there.

No, I made a pull request I think is merged now the website is correct now.

I’ve merged your Pull Request :sunny:

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