[Solved] How to change individual colors within a sprite

I have a sprite which I want to be able to change its colors independently. I’ve looked at the recolorizer, but it seems to change all the colors at once instead of separately.

What I’m looking for would be a solution that would let me change all pixels with [156,94,78] value to [47,158,22] value for instance, while leaving the rest of the sprite untouched.

The character I am working with has 3 different colors that need to be changed independently, and I’m trying to avoid creating huge amounts of sprite sheets or breaking out all the sprite colors into individual sprites.

There’s an object effect called “color replacer” I’ve never used it.

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Oh, perfect. Is it possible to activate and de-active these effects with events or are effects static?

It’s not as user friendly but yes. You can disable and change effect parameters.


Edit: You can add multiple effects although, I’m sure there could be conflicts. Also, some might impact performance. So, that’s another thing to watch out for.

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