(SOLVED) How to change scene from yarn?

Hello every body, i try to change scene from yarn after choosing option 2 (index 1) which is leave, but it did not work so please help? thank you in advance.

Try moving the last subevent out of the Dialogue is running, so the Command <<“avatar”>> is called will be running always and when is called the scene will change, plus if you want to do this way maybe is a good idea to add a Trigger once just below the Command so this happens only one time and then change to the New scene.

Should looks like

  • Command <<“avatar”>> is called
  • Trigger once
  • Change to scene “New scene”

Another tip is good for game developing to choose non spaces in names nor in objects or scene names, just rename everything with camelCase or _underscores so no spaces are needed.
For scene: myGameScene
For variables: myVariable or my_variable
For objects: playerHitbox or player_hitbox

Hope this helps.

unfortunately it still not working when i choose the “leaving” option it just hide image,textbox and optionbox but did not change scene, i change the name scene into overworld but also did not work this is what the yarn looks like

You can use a Tag to do this too, look in the Dialogue node add one last node and add a Tag like endtalk or overworld

Then in events add

sorry for double posting it SOLVED thanks to UlisesFreitas thank you very much,
by the way can i ask why the avatar command did not work but the tag command work?